Don’t be a LinkedIn Voodoo Doll. Publish Smartly. Filter Selfishly.

Empathy and Filters. If you act with the former and understand the latter, you’ll be a very good LinkedIn Citizen. “There are many things of which a wise man might wish to be ignorant” Ralph Waldo Emerson. I worry about my 16 month old daughter in the digital age. Am I alone? It’s disingenuous to […]

Who killed Siebel? And why did Goliath meet David so soon?

I read a fairytale last Friday in CNN Money. It was about all the big bad wolves that killed Siebel. A fairytale disguised as a true story and a moral tale. The only piece of reality in the fairytale was that the big bad wolf was not Salesforce.com. That bit is correct. It is a […]

Kaptio’s IPMS gets Amasat’s 1st Alpha App Award

This is the Global Best in Class app for Travel and Hospitality in Salesforce.com’s ecosystem. Announcing Amasat’s 1st Alpha App Award! Congratulations to Kaptio for its IPMS (Itinerary & Proposal Management Solution). i. What does it do? IPMS enables Travel and Hospitality companies to manage products, itineraries, events and conferences within the Salesforce.com platform. The […]