Salesforce.com’s greatest innovation Chatter wins the 3rd Amasat Alpha App Award

The greatest innovation I witnessed during my decade in Salesforce was Chatter. Its much more than a Facebook UI with Twitter syntax. Chatter in the context of Salesforce.com empowers contextual collaboration across an organization and also embraces customers, prospects and partners through communities. It’s about collaborating around projects, themes, sales opportunities, service cases, key customer […]

Amasat Founder Stephen Cummins talks about Good LinkedIn Citizenship

LinkedIn hits 300 million users as 45 thousand tech savvy listeners tuned in to Upstarts.ie interviewing Amasat CEO Stephen Cummins on good LinkedIn citizenship. In this interview on Dublin City FM radio they touched upon topics like managing activity broadcasts, the power of closed groups, keeping your feed clean, the advantages and dangers of great […]

Fast forward your new Twitter interface

Twitter has revamped its layout – it’s now something much closer to Google+ or Facebook. We feel this is a massive improvement and we’ve already revamped our Twitter accounts. Check out our accounts @Stephen_Cummins and @AmasatAlphaApps to see what difference these layouts make. There’s a much better UX and a much better palette for branding. […]