About Amasat

Amasat is Understanding as a Service (UaaS).
Amasat believes in converting data into understanding. UaaS uses cognitive systems to achieve this. Smart UX, natural language processing and machine learning are UaaS enablers. The future impact of evolving technology on society is an important aspect of UaaS.

Our first service is AppSelekt – a B2B marketplace that simplifies discovery allowing app buyers to fully express their business needs. App marketplaces are not new, but we have a much deeper understanding of the buyer’s needs. Initially we’re focusing on the Salesforce.com ecosystem. Our mission is democratisation of B2B app procurement. Our watchword is ‘impartial’.

The large majority of app vendors (ISVs) lack marketing nous and/or budget – they are often young companies run by only slightly older engineers. Many of these ‘invisible’ companies have best in class apps and/or tremendous ability to deliver optimal niche solutions. It is in the interests of our customers that we match them with the best possible app + app vendor combination.

Delaying the selection of cloud apps to automate and/or streamline business processes is a multi-billion dollar problem. Sub-optimal cloud app selection in the Salesforce ecosystem is a billion dollar problem in it’s own right. These problems will ramp up as the range of B2B apps explodes and companies increasingly adopt them.

CEO & Founder Stephen Cummins joined Salesforce.com as a small startup in early 2003. His spent over a decade with them and encountered first-hand the growing issues around app selection. Current investors include Irish government backed NDRC (National Digital Research Centre), ranked globally by the UBI as a top 2.5% accelerator.

Contact Details:
Stephen Cummins, CEO : 1@amasat.com : +353 87 964 9504

National Digital Research Centre (NDRC)
Crane Street, Dublin 8

57 Hanover Dock, Hanover Quay,
Forbes Street, Dublin 2

“One of the big unsolved problems of the modern world is to convert information into understanding.”
Freeman Dyson