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Amasat Founder Stephen Cummins talks about Good LinkedIn Citizenship

LinkedIn hits 300 million users as 45 thousand tech savvy listeners tuned in to interviewing Amasat CEO Stephen Cummins on good LinkedIn citizenship. In this interview on Dublin City FM radio they touched upon topics like managing activity broadcasts, the power of closed groups, keeping your feed clean, the advantages and dangers of great apps like Hootsuite and issues surrounding visibility of connections. Working smart with this social network involves getting the basics right first, behaving with empathy and being authentic.

About Amasat: Founded in 2013, Amasat identifies and promotes global best in class cloud apps. It focuses on apps within the ecosystem evolving around the world’s most powerful and innovative enterprise platform, Amasat calls them Alpha Apps. If you have a global best in class app or a unique app that creates a new market, tweet me at @Stephen_Cummins or @AmasatAlphaApps and describe in a single sentence what makes your app an Alpha App.