How Innovation and Marketing Tango in the Product Roadmaps of Salesforce.com

Reactive, pro-active and inventive Innovation are discussed. How Salesforce.com combines pro-active innovation with smart marketing is analysed. For example a connection is formed between the timing of Marc Benioff’s provocative statement “Email is dead” and the surfacing of Social Studio. Amasat’s Stephen Cummins discussed this in a live radio broadcast with Andy and Kelly from Upstarts.ie. About […]

12 ways to extract maximum value from Chatter

Salesforce.com’s Chatter is probably the king of all Alpha Apps. Here are some tips to fully realise its value. 1. Don’t follow tons of people. Follow records, groups etc. Chatter is about connecting in context. It’s not about socializing or brown nosing. Chatter is about socializing things. The things that matter to your business give […]

Language and logic are inseparable.

Language and logic are inseparable. There’s a question going around LinkedIn: “Name a city that does not have the letter ‘A’ in it. I bet you can’t.” Easy. You’ll find every letter from A to Z present in every city. The question doesn’t reference the word ‘city’. In the absence of a qualifying adjective it […]

Salesforce.com’s greatest innovation Chatter wins the 3rd Amasat Alpha App Award

The greatest innovation I witnessed during my decade in Salesforce was Chatter. Its much more than a Facebook UI with Twitter syntax. Chatter in the context of Salesforce.com empowers contextual collaboration across an organization and also embraces customers, prospects and partners through communities. It’s about collaborating around projects, themes, sales opportunities, service cases, key customer […]

Amasat Founder Stephen Cummins talks about Good LinkedIn Citizenship

LinkedIn hits 300 million users as 45 thousand tech savvy listeners tuned in to Upstarts.ie interviewing Amasat CEO Stephen Cummins on good LinkedIn citizenship. In this interview on Dublin City FM radio they touched upon topics like managing activity broadcasts, the power of closed groups, keeping your feed clean, the advantages and dangers of great […]

Fast forward your new Twitter interface

Twitter has revamped its layout – it’s now something much closer to Google+ or Facebook. We feel this is a massive improvement and we’ve already revamped our Twitter accounts. Check out our accounts @Stephen_Cummins and @AmasatAlphaApps to see what difference these layouts make. There’s a much better UX and a much better palette for branding. […]

Cirrus Insight marries Salesforce and Google and wins Amasat’s 2nd Alpha App Award

i. What does it do? Cirrus Insight integrates Salesforce with Google (Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Contacts, Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Drive). It primarily takes the power of Salesforce’s CRM and sticks it into your Gmail inbox. Contact, Lead and Opportunity info becomes visible in the inbox. This functionality is greatly extended via integration […]

Amasat classed as High Potential Start-up by Enterprise Ireland

Amasat is a High Potential Start-up Announcing from Dublin’s Cloudy fair city. Amasat has been accepted into phase 1 for High Potential Start-Ups by Enterprise Ireland. Stringent criteria on idea+innovation, revenue potential, potential to trade internationally, potential to create employment apply. Enterprise Ireland is the government organisation responsible for the development and growth of Irish […]

Don’t be a LinkedIn Voodoo Doll. Publish Smartly. Filter Selfishly.

Empathy and Filters. If you act with the former and understand the latter, you’ll be a very good LinkedIn Citizen. “There are many things of which a wise man might wish to be ignorant” Ralph Waldo Emerson. I worry about my 16 month old daughter in the digital age. Am I alone? It’s disingenuous to […]

Who killed Siebel? And why did Goliath meet David so soon?

I read a fairytale last Friday in CNN Money. It was about all the big bad wolves that killed Siebel. A fairytale disguised as a true story and a moral tale. The only piece of reality in the fairytale was that the big bad wolf was not Salesforce.com. That bit is correct. It is a […]

Kaptio’s IPMS gets Amasat’s 1st Alpha App Award

This is the Global Best in Class app for Travel and Hospitality in Salesforce.com’s ecosystem. Announcing Amasat’s 1st Alpha App Award! Congratulations to Kaptio for its IPMS (Itinerary & Proposal Management Solution). i. What does it do? IPMS enables Travel and Hospitality companies to manage products, itineraries, events and conferences within the Salesforce.com platform. The […]