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How Innovation and Marketing Tango in the Product Roadmaps of

Reactive, pro-active and inventive Innovation are discussed. How combines pro-active innovation with smart marketing is analysed. For example a connection is formed between the timing of Marc Benioff’s provocative statement “Email is dead” and the surfacing of Social Studio. Amasat’s Stephen Cummins discussed this in a live radio broadcast with Andy and Kelly from

About Amasat: Founded in 2013, Amasat is building an app to make it easier for businesses to locate Alpha. Alpha is the optimal software and software vendor combination to deliver a specific business requirement. Its not just about Alpha Apps. Its also about Alpha Vendors. Alpha means different things to different people. This is about what businesses want and need, not about what we want we want to give them. All Amasat does is assist companies to define their own Alpha for each project. Amasat identifies and promotes global best in class cloud apps. It focuses on apps within the ecosystem evolving around the world’s most powerful and innovative enterprise platform, Tweet me at @Stephen_Cummins or @AmasatAlphaApps and describe in a single sentence what makes your app an Alpha App.