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Fast forward your new Twitter interface

Twitter has revamped its layout – it’s now something much closer to Google+ or Facebook. We feel this is a massive improvement and we’ve already revamped our Twitter accounts. Check out our accounts @Stephen_Cummins and @AmasatAlphaApps to see what difference these layouts make. There’s a much better UX and a much better palette for branding. Its easier to view followers, you can selectively pin an important tweet to the top of your page, photos are more visible and more engaged tweets become automatically larger. You can tag up to 10 people in a photo and upload up to 4 photos in a single tweet.



Twitter is sometimes dismissed because the more valuable communications seem to be diluted by a sea of utterances from time-wasters – often self-proclaimed ‘thought-leaders’ and ‘visionaries’. However there are smart ways to navigate the Twitter ocean and its a key part of a company’s social profile. You’ll find a lot of your key contacts are active there. Test this by making a list of 10 key customers/competitors/partners and look them up on Twitter. Check out what they are tweeting and decide if you should be engaging there too. A social network this large should never be ignored. If you find what we have to say valuable or interesting, follow us on Twitter! You can get your new interface here